Massage Envy Shoreline and the Arthritis Foundation

Arthritis Foundation Bone Bash masthead

On Saturday evening October 24, our very own Lillian Anderson attended the Arthritis Foundation’s 7th Annual “Bone Bash” in Seattle.

This Halloween-themed fundraiser (complete with costumes of course!) helps raise awareness about the prevalence and seriousness of arthritis, while raising funds to support research, Kids’ Camps, and other public health/educational programs.

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My Unexpected Experience as a Massage Envy Practitioner

Jeremy Amorossi Massage Envy Therapist 137
By Jeremy Amorossi, LMP
Massage Envy, Northgate Mall in Seattle

I started my massage therapy career back in 2011, and honestly, I never expected to remain at the same place (much less working for a franchise) this long.

Here’s what I found out: a franchise is nothing more than a small business running under a corporate umbrella. Yes, there are corporate policies, and the franchises all share the same look and feel and approach.

But when it comes to the way the actual business is run, it’s the individual franchise owner who sets the tone. When it comes to the way we massage therapists get treated on the job, that too boils down to the franchise owner.

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Massage Therapist Positions Available in the Northgate / Shoreline Area of Seattle

Looking for an LMP job? Our ever-growing stream of customers is looking for you. We’ve got several Massage Therapist positions available in Shoreline and Northgate—full-time and part-time—so let’s find out if we’re a good match…

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