Comparing Private Massage Practice to Massage Envy—one therapist’s perspective

Massage Envy Northgate therapist Sarah Palmer_3811 cropby Sara Palmer, LMT
Massage Envy, Northgate Mall in Seattle

I was born with a genetic disorder called Ehlers Danlose Syndrome… I can dislocate a joint at any time, and have broken more than 25 bones. Throughout my life I’ve received massage, acupuncture, and other forms of alternative treatment to help me recover from these injuries. Thanks to the many positive experiences I had in receiving treatment, I was inspired to go into the field myself.

In 2009, I enrolled in Bellevue Massage School as I felt I would receive the best education there, due to their smaller, more personal class sizes, maximum hands-on time, and partnership with Bastyr University.

As a student, I began thinking about what type of massage career would eventually suit me… not just in terms of my body, but in terms of my personality and strengths.

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Massage Envy Shoreline and the Arthritis Foundation

Arthritis Foundation Bone Bash masthead

On Saturday evening October 24, our very own Lillian Anderson attended the Arthritis Foundation’s 7th Annual “Bone Bash” in Seattle.

This Halloween-themed fundraiser (complete with costumes of course!) helps raise awareness about the prevalence and seriousness of arthritis, while raising funds to support research, Kids’ Camps, and other public health/educational programs.

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