Massage Therapist Positions Available in the Northgate / Shoreline Area of Seattle

Looking for an LMP job? Our ever-growing stream of customers is looking for you. We’ve got several Massage Therapist positions available in Shoreline and Northgate—full-time and part-time—so let’s find out if we’re a good match…


..Passionate:  about healing people.
..Not fond of:  corporate America.
..Uncertain:  about the “franchise model” of massage.
..Willing:  to see if a franchise owned by a massage therapist might be different.


..Passionate:  about providing everything you need to focus on healing people.

..Not fond of:  hearing about massage therapists struggling to do what they do best.

..Certain:  about our ability to provide a steady stream of clients, flexible hours, great income, paid healthcare, free or significantly reduced C.E., a beautiful work environment, all of your supplies, and additional opportunities for specialized study and travel.

..Willing:  to demonstrate the difference of a franchise owned and managed by a massage therapist who is doing everything in her power to change the nature of “Franchise Massage.”

Curious? Call Megan or Emma and tell ’em you want proof. They look forward to the challenge!

Shoreline: (206) 366-1111   •   Northgate: (206) 368-3680

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